War is coming

“Incoming dooma!” The cry came from one of Bolltar’s men.
I turned my eyes towards the sea. Sure enough, there they were. Four of them this time, the largest with a wingspan of about ten meters. They came in fast and low, straight at us and just slightly higher than the wall where we stood. This time they totally ignored our defenses. They swept right over us and banked right, heading directly for town. As they got there, I could see them let go of a barrage of heavy rocks.
Two of them landed on a rooftop and then hopped from one house to another, jabbing and kicking at the structures. I could see roofs collapsing. The other two disappeared out of sight as they landed behind some buildings. There were distant screams of terror and sounds of mayhem echoing back towards us as the battle raged on. Suddenly all four of them were airborne again, circling back out towards the sea from where they had come. The whole thing had taken less than a minute.
I closed my eyes and swallowed hard. What chance could we possibly have against this?

Despite the ancient scrolls, Joanthen had never considered the Dooma anything more than legend and make-believe. His main concern had been with his stupid brother Mustar, chief of the local council, and his ludicrous delusions of grandeur. That now seemed to have been a rather petty and trivial problem, as they all found themselves at the brink of extinction…
The Dooma: Solitarius book 1 will be out in the fall of 2020. *)
Published: 24 september 2020
*) Or not, as it turns out. But it IS coming!