Welcome to the world of Solitarius!

Solitarius is planet in a solar system lightyears away from Earth, where a stranded colony of humans struggle to survive.
Five hundred years ago, a space exploration expedition from Earth got stranded on Solitarius when all their technology was destroyed by a Carrington event. To make things worse, the immediate survivors were then attacked and almost wiped out by the Dooma.
The Dooma were huge pterosaur-like flying animals that, albeit intelligent, saw the humans as a threat to their existence. When the colony was down to just over thirty people, the attacks unexpectedly stopped and the Dooma disappeared.
After the attacks, the colony eventually built up a rudimentary civilization with only vague ideas about modern technology. Reading and writing survived, but most documentation was destroyed or lost. What knowledge remained was written down from memory on the Dooma Scrolls, and kept hidden by the chief of the town of Barnes, the oldest settlement established by the survivors.
Published: 24 september 2020